Community of The Way is a community of people
who seek to follow the way of Jesus with prayerful hearts,
enquiring minds, and compassionate lives.

The Community is part of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland and is based at St Francis College, Milton.
People who join Community of The Way are given space to live an intentional life: purposefully reflecting on the connections between church, work, study and faith; exploring life's questions within a safe and supportive environment; training in community engagement;
and engaging with the local community for justice.


Meet the Chaplain of Community of The Way


Prayerful hearts


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Enquiring minds


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Compassionate lives



Rule of Life


A Rule of Life is a commitment made by members of a Monastic community. It is a commitment that governs the life of the community.

Inspired by this, Community of The Way will develop a Rule of Life which will be designed by the members. 

Check out an example of a Rule of Life on the Community of St Anselm at

Please note that much of the content on this website will be developed once the Community of The Way forms.